Reduce waste in your event by taking a practical and economical solution :
the customized reusable cup.

Customizable with your event colours, our reusable cups are part of a simple environment friendly approach :

  • use of 100% reusable plastic (more than 150 times)
  • manufacturing and printing in France (to limit transport impact)
  • setting set during the event (removal of plastic waste related to the use of disposable or biodegradable cups).
Customize your cups with drawings
Example of environment friendly customizable reusable cups

Often kept as souvenirs by the participants, their set-up represents a significant source of indirect funding. They can also be associated with a cup holder.

To sum-up, the reusable cup is a handy accessory, friendly, and above all environmentally friendly.

How to use the reusable cup

A € 1 Setpoint against a reusable cup
At the beginning of the event, the participant files a nominal € 1* and receives in return a reusable cup.
* Rates from € 1 given by way of example
Use of the plastic cup during the event
Advertising cup can be used at will throughout the event.
€ 1 setpoint given back against a reusable cup
At the end of the event, the participant makes a reusable cup and gets his set-up or retains the custom souvenir cup.

A more environmentally friendly event

Environment friendly plastic cup

Whether recyclable or not, the traditional throwable cup represents the largest source of waste of an event. Abandoned anywhere by its users, it represents a significant time and cost of cleaning.

The custom reusable cup brings real sustainable and economic solution to this problem. Once your cup set-up system in place, the place of your event stay clean while raising awareness to visitors the importance of your ecological approach.

Specifications of our reusable cups

  • 2 sizes of cups

    25 cl plastic cup 50 cl plastic cup
  • 12 colours of cups

    • colorless plastic cup
    • light green cup
      light green
    • dark green cup
      dark green
    • red plastic cup
    • yellow plastic cup
    • purple plastic cup
    • orange plastic cup
    • light blue plastic cup
      light blue
    • dark blue plastic cup
      dark blue
    • pink plastic cup
    • golden plastic cup
    • silver plastic cup
  • over 15 color printing

    • Black
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Red-Pink
    • Pink
    • Purple
    • Dark blue
    • Blue P306
    • Light blue
    • Dark green
    • Light green
    • Grey
    • Brown

    We can also realize your Pantone color (additional cost expected). Contact us.

  • graduation

    To make your plastic cup as convenient as possible, we usually add a graduated scale.

    Another opportunity to remember that your cup is reusable.

  • 1 L jug

    Custom plastic jug

    For big thirsts, we also have custom 1L plastic jugs.

  • other specifications

    • 100% reusable plastic (over 150 times)
    • material : BPA-free polypropylene
    • usable for food
    • enhanced resistance
    • dishwasher compatible

Complete your order with a cup holder

A customized cup holder allows your users not to lose their recorded cups. Convenient and customizable, it will become the perfect companion !

Personalized recyclable cup holder


To customize your cups, two solutions:

  • Download the template directly on the product sheet (tab "Datasheet / template") and prepare your creation by following the instructions provided. You will only have to upload your file after your order.
  • Let us fully realize your customization.

In any case, do not hesitate to use our experience to advise you or make your cup customizations.

Datasheet of our reusable plastic cup
Free advertising returnable cup


Ask your partners to add their logo on your advertising cup against its funding. So your reusable cups will cost you nothing! Better : the money of not rendered recorded cups you will return in full.

No inspiration ?

Visit our gallery of personalized cups achievements and learn at the same time companies and events that have trusted us.

Example of custom plastic cups

Princing and delivery

  • Specifications of our customized cups

    Visit product page for the item you wish to order and configure its options.

  • Pricing of our advertising cups

    The price is instantly displayed according to your options

  • Delivery time of our reusable cups

    Click the "Delivery Dates" tab to see the estimated time.

More infos :

Our plastic cups are 100% French (manufacturing + printing), which allows us to offer you production time and short delivery (6 to 10 days).

The color of the reusable cup and printing does not affect the price. Only the quantity and number of colors have an impact on the price.